About Us

Who are we?

MoonRift Entertainment is a community of independent game developers that strive to produce games that represent who we are.


“MoonRift Entertainment officially began in the spring of 2014 through a GoFundMe Campaign to make the logo that you see today. At 4:00 PM on September 17th, 2014, the first meeting with MoonRift Entertainment took place. The fledgling studio was funded by an $8,000 loan, but six months later the money ran out. The game was nowhere near functional, the scope of the project was overloaded, and I realized just how new we were in the field of game development. After a failed Kickstarter in 2016 for Nyx the Chameleon, morale plummeted, and people left. In this forced existential crisis, there was a fork in the road and a decision to be made.

I decided to double down, going back to school for my Master’s in Business Administration (SDSU) and Master’s in Game Design (NYFA). In the Summer of 2020, (yes that 2020), I restarted MoonRift Entertainment with our first class of members. This time my goal was to find people from diverse backgrounds and build an atmosphere of collaboration and support, leaning on each other for guidance and developing our capabilities. Since then, we have grown into an indie family with 20+ members all dedicated to building games that we enjoy making. Although we are young, we have the drive to see this through and work every day to improve our skill sets. I am a fan of an old saying ‘The harder we work, the luckier we’ll get’, and this is just our beginning.”

Leonice Brown-Young Jr, CEO of MoonRift Entertainment


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