MoonRift Internship Program

MoonJam Competitions

We, at MoonRift, created this internship program because we feel people need somewhere to start with a bit of guidance to compete in the game industry. At the end of the six week cycle, those who have successfully completed the program will be rewarded with MoonRift Certificate of Complete.

MoonJam Class 3

The competitors were challenged with the theme of wind and came up with a variety of 3D and 2D concepts.


“MoonRift provides a genuine experience at game design that is accessible to people with any level of experience or interest in Game Design. Learning hands-on with similar minded people provides exposure to the game development world that isn’t like learning from a video or a classroom, giving you the opportunity to find your passion in the field.”


“The amount of experience that I gained in 6 weeks was exponential. I enjoyed having a friendly competition with everyone which in turn led to a finished game that I’m more than happy to put on my resume. MoonRift was fair and easy to work with, I would definitely recommend being an intern for them.”


“Moonrift is a great place to meet new connections, team build and make great games together.”


“The amount of experience that I gained in 6 weeks was e“For anyone wanting to join a game jam and work with people from all around the world, this is a solid place to start.”


“Are you ready to make an amazing video game that your friends, family, and the world will be amazed by? If so, consider joining MoonRift today! I loved my experience here, I really can’t recommend this program enough.”


“This is a great group of people to interact with. You can tell how much they enjoy seeing people progress through the weeks. If you are still new to game designing, this is a great starting point.”


“This is a great group of people to interact with. You can tell “If you’re looking for an amazing chance to grow your skill sets alongside equally amazing people, come join the rocket to the moon at MoonRift Entertainment and see what you can accomplish. :)”


“This experience helped me to further shape the goals for my future and gave me a good foundation for my work going forward.”


“Sure it’s a great way to get some immediate experience and you just might meet people who are just as passionate as you.”


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