We are

An indie game guild that is made up of a collective of industry professionals and amateurs that strive to grow with one another in a collaborate environment.

Weekly MoonRift Summits

Each week we host weekly MoonRift Summits @ 7:00PM PST in which we go over industry techniques, playtest each others works, and provide a space for collaboration.

Public itch.io Moon Jam Events Quarterly

Each quarter we host a public game jam on itch.io in which we host a zoom call with the global community to discuss the games submitted and announce a winner by voting.

Internship New Moon Competitions

We host internship competitions in which interns will gain real-world experience under the direction of industry professionals to further enhance their skills and create quality portfolio pieces or potential projects.

Contribution based-company

Our organization is based on contribution, which means that memberships are free to those selected to join the guild. Members will be able to attend meetings, workshops, events, at their leisure.

Member driven group

We are a member driven group, which means that we are constantly growing and catering to the need of the community.

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